qooxdoo - Universal JavaScript Framework

Welcome to qooxdoo! It is easy to create your own impressive and versatile applications. For detailed information on how to create such apps, for instance a typical rich internet application (RIA), please see the external documentation to get started (needs generation). get started.

For the impatient, here is a short version as well:
Use the tool/bin/create-application.py script to setup a new application. This will create a minimal directory structure of an application, which is ready to be built and run. Within the newly created application folder run the command
generate.py source-all to generate a development version of your app. Open source/index.html in your browser and see your first application in action. You can then go on and extend it into an application of your liking by changing the Application.js class file below the source/class/ folder. The command generate.py build generates an optimized and compressed version of your application, located at build/index.html.

Open the included API viewer to display and search the entire API reference of the framework.

Also have a look at the readme readme and license text.

Demo Applications

Please note that the following applications, except for the Showcase, are not pre-built. To create working applications locally use the appropriate commands generate.py source or generate.py build

Developer Tools

The following applications work with data from the qooxdoo framework itself. Versions can also be generated that are specific to your custom application. While the API Viewer is pre-built and runs out-of-the-box, you need to generate the others yourself.